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Welcome to The Show

We are back with our four best ever songs for our final year in 2019! This is the official website of the Craft Farm Christmas Light Show. You can find all the information you need about the show here, including a video archive of all previous shows. Below are the times the show is running, and the current weather at the show. Remember, no shows will run on days that it rains. With over 3000+ lights, we cannot operate in the rain. We can, however, operate in the snow. Feel free to contact us also, either from the contact page or the quick contact at the right. We would love to hear from you and how you liked the show.


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Show Information

Shows run every single day on the following times:


Shows will not run on days that it rains. With over 3,000 indavidual lights, we cannot operate in the rain. We do, however, operate in the show. If it is raining, or if it has rained during the day, all shows will be cancelled for the rest of the day. Shows will resume on the following day after the rain has stopped.

We are located at:

19 Craft Farm Dr.
Bridgewater, NJ.

You can get map directions sent straight to your phone on our location page here.

We play a selection of family friendly Christmas songs that are upbeat and are fun to dance to. Each show plays four songs total and lasts for about 16 minutes. We switch up our songs every year so if you came last year, we have all new songs for you to see! 

You can watch the show from the comfort and warmth of your own vehicle. The music is played over the radio on channel 88.5 FM. There is a sign in front of the show noting the radio station so you can tune in when you arrive. There are no speakers directly playing music outside, this is out of respect for our neighbors living nearby. However, if there are people standing outside or you want to get out of your car, you are more then welcome to lower your windows/open your doors so the music can be heard outside your car.

The show will start on November 29th (Black Friday) and will conclude on January 8th of the new year. This provides plenty of opportunities to see the show throughout the holiday season. Some nights the show can draw a lot of people, so if you don't get an ideal spot or can't squeeze in, you can come back when ever it is convenient for you.

When I created this show, I was in my second year of college. I stuck around a bit afterwards so I could get my MBA but now I'm done and moved out. Unfortunately the show cannot continue without me around. As much as it pains me to do so, this year will be the last year of the Craft Farm Christmas Light Show. After seven years, it has been an incredible run, and it has been my honor and my privilege to bring a little Christmas joy into the community. I'll still be doing light shows though! Check back on this site next year to see where the show has moved to in North Jersey!

Weather At The Show

Latest News About The Show

We are back for the 2019 Christmas season starting on Black Friday (Novemeber 29th)!