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We are so happy to have been doing this show for six years now! We love it more and more every year!


We cannot believe that we have been going strong for six years now. That's six years of smiling faces, Christmas spirit, and good Christmas music. The show was created to spread Christmas cheer and to provide free, family friendly fun over the Christmas season. The show is completely free, and you can watch it from the comfort and warmth of your own vehicle. The music plays over the radio and a sign out front tells you which station to tune to (88.5 FM).

It took two years of research and prototyping to create the equipment to run the show. While the show uses regular, over-the-counter Christmas lights, what they plug into is truly special. The lights plug into a highly advanced light controller that is basically a circuit board sealed in a weather proof box. There are 32 circuits total, which means we have control over 32 individual lighting elements, or channels. The light controllers can turn each channel on and off and regulate each channel's voltage so we can do dimming and fading effects. Simple programing tricks also allow us to do twinkle and shimmering effects.

Each song in the show is synchronized, by hand, to the lights. We listen very closely to the music as it plays in an audio editor, and then tell each channel to do things at different times. Eventually we get through the whole song, but it usually takes about a month to program. We have to start planning out our songs in August so we can finish in time for the Black Friday premiere date. The results are usually good and we are happy that people keep coming back to watch us every year.

It is our pleasure to bring Christmas joy to you and your family. 

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